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and you can find me in the spring [userpic]
First Post (and.. omg Mod Post)
by and you can find me in the spring (xaxres)
at May 22nd, 2006 (11:40 pm)

Where, oh where, are we?: The City
Mood Swings: New Community!
Tunes: The Arrogant Worms - Pressure Washer

This is just a post here to say we're open for business. The story, as it is so far, will be up here soon.

Oh. And it is my modly duty (I have always wanted ot say that) to say that it might be an idea to promote this place. When it is more interesting. Maybe. It's not required or anything. But yeah.

That was the first post. The next one will be better. I swear.

(p.s. If I ever have the time, energy or money I will record a Fishy Umbrellas cd, so that when I have to write down what music I'm listening to I can honestly say the Fishy Umbrellas. Crazy.)